Why Buy A Chiller

Many plants still utilize process water from a central cooling tower. This approach works well, but has the traditional problems of evaporation loss; fouled water contamination from dirt, dust, and debris; scale & corrosion in plant plumbing & heat exchangers; biological contamination; etc. The hidden cost of these problems are eliminated by utilizing discrete chillers located throughout your plant.

Another method common in plants is to use "city water" for process cooling. This is the most expensive option and is environmentally unfriendly. Post process, the heated water is simply exhausetd into the plant sewage system. Not a good idea!

Production Engineering offers a wide range of chillers and recirculators, produced by Koolant Koolers, Riedel, and Dynaflux.  We know that any chiller placed in a hard work environment is going to be exposed to oil, mist, dust, heat and possibly 24/7 operation. You expect your equipment to maintain reliability in these conditions and your cooling system should too. Our Koolant Koolers (Schreiber) chillers and Riedel chillers, produced by Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions, are durable with service capabilities to extend the life of your machine. We provide an industry leading 18 month warranty. Let us help you select which Chiller or Recirculator is best for your application.

We provide help in sizing Chillers and Recirculators. Properly sized chillers provide significant savings:

  • Lowers water & sewage bills.
  • Provides solid protection for processing equipment 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Reduces "burn out" of critical equipment components.
  • Reduces the number of rejected parts, thus increasing parts produced.
  • Maintains a self sustaining source of properly chilled water.

Cost Comparison - Water vs. Electricity

Chiller Cost Comparison Chart - Water Vs Electricity - Production Engineering

How to Size a Water Chiller Correctly

Chiller Water Usage at 20 GPM Chart - Production Engineering

Specify the proper chiller for your load requirements. An undersized chiller will always be a problem and will never properly cool the process equipment. Here is a table to help calculate your load requirements.

Simple Instructions to Assure Proper Cooling

BTU=Constant (Weight of Water) x GPM x Temperature Differential

Multiply the fluid flow (GPM) by 500. Multiply the result by the temperature differential or rise (return water temperature minus the input or supply water temperature). Divide the result by 12,000 & you now have your required rating.

500 Constant (weight of water)
x10 GPM (gallons per minute)
x12 Temperature Differential (or rise)
60,000 Required BTU's per hour
12,000 EACH 12,000 BTU's requires 1 ton of cooling
=5 Tons (This equipment would require a 5 ton capacity)