Riedel PC Series Chillers

Chillers for ¼-64 Tons (1-226kW) of Cooling

The professional series for all applications, demonstrating distinctively high reliability, this series offers a wide range of cooling capacities. The 1 to 7 kW capacity models are designed for compact portability, while the cooling capacities of 15 to 226 kW offer more options. All cooling block systems are compact, factory-assembled condensing units suitable for an immense range of industrial applications. All devices comply with multiple regulations, including EC directives, standards and provisions: ISO 9001, EN 378, VDE and BGV.

Specs in brief: standard 1 to 7 kW version

  • Compact casing, powder-coated RAL 7035 / 5010
  • For indoor installation, degree of protection = IP 44
  • Fully hermetic compressor with built-in motor protection
  • CFC-free R134a refrigerant and also R407C (PC51/69)
  • Evaporator as plate heat exchanger in VA, Cu soldered with cold insulation
  • Prescribed monitoring and safety equipment in refrigerant circuit
  • Thermostatic expansion valve with MOP to restrict evaporation pressure
  • Air-cooled liquefier with axial fan (quiet and maintenance-free)
  • Air circuit with front intake, blows upwards
  • One-way air filter in air intake
  • Copper piping in coolant circuit, stainless steel coolant circulation pump
  • Insulated stainless steel tank with level switch for monitoring (plastic on PC12/19)
  • Filling and draining port with level indicator
  • Temperature accuracy in coolant outlet of up to ± 1 K
  • Brine limit protection control
  • Operating switch with light/main switch
  • Group fault display
  • Ready-made 6 m connection cable with plug on PC12 and PC19 (230 V/50 Hz);without plug on PC19 (230 V/60 Hz) and PC31 / PC41 (230 V/50 Hz)
  • Rubber buffers easy to service as all components can be accessed

Specs in brief: standard 15 to 226 kW version

  • Compact casing for indoor installation, zinc-plated and powder-coated
  • Air-cooled liquefier for CFC-free R134a, R407C and R404A refrigerant
  • Crescent-shape axial fan(s), extremely quiet and maintenance-free
  • Pressure-controlled fans
  • Fully hermetic compressor, 100 % suction gas cooled
  • Evaporator as plate heat exchanger
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • High and low pressure control
  • Water circuit with tank and pump, in accordance with specific application requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant fixed piping in water circuit made from copper or plastic, plus stainless steel pumps 
  • Switches and controls completely wired
  • Remote control and group fault messaging
  • Microprocessor-controlled temperature controller with digital setpoint/actual value display 
  • Automatic power regulation