A Series Tankless Chillers

2-60 Tons of Cooling

The A-Series air-cooled industrial liquid chillers are recommended when a reservoir of fluid such as central coolant pits, storage tanks, or quench tanks must be cooled. They are used in cooling metalworking fluid, hydraulic fluids, and other liquids. Evaporator selection varies based on the fluid being cooled and the level of contaminants in the process. The A- Series chiller is designed to cool water soluble oil, oils of all different viscosities and water applications. Filtration is available, as well as pumps to provide tank re-circulation. The A Series options shown below, include water-cooled or remote condensers, blower packages, process pumps, 100 micron fluid filter and flow switches.

> Recirculating or Inline Cooling
> Air-Cooled Condenser
> Capacities from 27,000 BTU/hr to 800,000 BTU/hr
> Water, Water/Glycol, Water-Soluble, and Oil Based Fluids
> R407C Refrigerant
> Highly Customizable
> Indoor Use Only
> Powder Coated Cabinet
> Voltage Options Available
> Built to UL 1995
> Fluid Setpoint 50º-90ºF
> Ambient Temperature Range 50-95ºF
> Temperature Stability ± 3ºF (Optional ± 1ºF)
> Built to UL 1995 (Optional cUL Certification)
> 18-Month Parts and Labor Warranty
> Next Day Parts Available

BASE CONFIGURATION: Brazed Plate, Cleanable, Shell/Tube Evaporators (vary w/ application); Hermetic Scroll Compressor; Cleanable Air Filters; Fused Disconnect; Hot Gas Regulator.

OPTIONS: Remote or Water-Cooled Condenser; Process Pump; 100 Micron Fluid Filter; Phase Monitor; Motorized Hot Gas Bypass; Remote Start/Stop, Remote PGD (up to 150’); Ambient Temperature Tracking; Service/Maintenance Packages; cUL Certification.