Chillers for Wine & Beer Making

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Recirculating refrigerated fluid chillers are used in the wine and microbrew industry to control temperature in the production of fine table wines and craft beer. To create these high quality wines and beer the proper temperature must be maintained during the entire production process.

The wine and microbrew industry has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years and Koolant Koolers has not missed the opportunity to grow with it. These systems have specific needs that require high harvest cooling capabilities, tight temperature control, and large capacities at low stabilization temperatures. We offer several complete lines of high-quality recirculating refrigerated fluid chillers for the wine and beer making industry.       

Barrel fermentation tanks and chillers

Wine & Beer Application Parameters

Achieving low temperatures quickly and consistently ensures the perfect pour every time. Whether you need cooling for brite tanks, jacket fermentation tanks, two stage cooling, wort/cooler, cold neck cooling, storage rooms or crash cooling, our Koolant Koolers water-glycol chillers exceed expectations for dependability and durability. These chillers can achieve cooling as low as -20 degrees F with hot gas bypass freeze protection, as well as options such as modular designs for growth, multiple compressors, redundant designs for up to 100% uptime, heated loops, and remote monitoring capabilities.              

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Over the last 60 years Koolant Koolers has proven to be a reliable supplier of industrial chillers equipment for a number of wineries and local microbrewers. We design and manufacture standard cooling systems or, if needed, custom cooling systems to customer requirements for size, portability, operating conditions, thermal load, and system footprint.

Our Koolant Koolers recirculating chillers are designed for the industrial environment with a long service life in mind. These cooling systems are highly recommended for all types of wine and craft beer making processes.

You’re on your way to finding the Best Chiller value for your beer or wine making application.