Chillers for Food Processing

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Processing and Packaging Applications

Food processing and food packaging applications require reliable indirect cooling equipment to maintain precise and reliable temperature control. Indirect cooling involves cooling a product through a heat exchanger, which can be a jacketed tank, plate and frame, tube in tube or other types of heat exchangers. Typically, cold water/propylene glycol flows through one side of the exchanger and the product is cooled on the other side.

Finding the best cooling solution to remove the heat from intensifier pumps, high flow pumps, jacketed vessels, meat massagers, waterjet cutting, or brine injection processes is the cornerstone to reducing downtime, increasing cycle time, and providing high-quality end products. Koolant Koolers chillers are designed with durable components to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions and are custom-fit to your specific application needs.
Several cooling capacities are available from 1/2 ton to 100s of tons, with our larger scale modular designs that are built for growth and can include redundancy for increased efficiency and less downtime. The closed-loop, self-contained units offer flow-through designs that are wash-down to IP69K.

Hydroponic Growing Applications 

As the need for hydroponic gardening increases, so is the need for proper reliable reservoir cooling. Specially designed for large scale hydroponic grow rooms, Koolant Koolers chiller systems can be easily monitored by PLC’s, desktop computers or factory supplied remote devices. Our technical support staff is well educated on system design and application.

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We can supply hydroponic chillers from 1/2 ton to 100 tons in capacity. We manufacture all our chillers using the highest quality components available to provide reliable cooling. Standard machines hold temperatures to +/-2F of desired set point. Let us help you select the best chiller for your grow rooms.

You’re on your way to finding the Best Chiller value for your food processing application.